Continue building up. Take another wedge and place it into the crack as far down the log as you can and begin driving it in. Stacked split-rail fences connect rails in a zigzag pattern, where the rails stack together at the post section. Reply Most weekend rural livestock-auctions-come-outdoor-flea-markets, such as the one in Woodville, about 45 minutes north of Oshawa, typically include someone selling out of the back of a pickup. It’s the perfect handyman project for the man or woman. I think this would be a cool project. A zigzag fence requires more wood than a traditional split-rail fence but is easier to create without tools and gives your property a charming look. I though Jeff was going to have that win at Sonoma last week! I found mine in the classified section of a small town weekly newspaper. The fence is very stable. Consistent strikes on the wedge are what matter. On a personal note: for Pine split rail fence with paddle ends I always install the post then slip the rails in afterward. Those I often cut up with a chainsaw and use for firewood. Get all your directions ready and make sure you have all the pieces, tools, and supplies you need to begin your project. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. For the posts, I simply used some of the thicker rails and cut them in half. Then, use your tape to measure the distance of your intended fence. You don’t want this type of fence to look too pretty. 1 How to Build a Simple Split-Rail Fence . Split rail’s design is simple and it’s one of the easiest fences for a first time DIYer. But you should be able to negotiate, especially if you’re buying more than, say, 50. That's all there is to it! Thanks! If a rail doesn't sit quite right, meaning it rocks or slips on the rail it's sitting on, try reversing it or using a different rail. I actually saw Jeff win at Pocono in 2011. My favorite highlight this year was when the camera cable fell in NC. To order copies of I’m never knew why I made the association between the two but apparently a split rail fence is also know as a horse fence. My original one was built in 2006 and was still in great shape up until a tree took it out during Hurricane Sandy. permissions/licensing, please go to: The average linear feet needed for a project is approximately 150 linear feet. The hardest part is behind you and now it is time to begin constructing your fence! Split rail fences come in a variety of wood choices and sizes. Question Once you have finished splitting the logs into rails, it is time to sort them. Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6. # of Rails. You don't even need to bring the hammer over your head. This fencing has the beauty that has proven itself through the centuries. You can also fashion tee-pee-like supports to hold up the rails instead of posts, but the assembly can be a bit precarious as you fasten the rails to them. But you will go through more rails. 2 years ago Fence construction includes two or three vertical rails. Give the department the address of your property so they can tell you where the edges of your property line are. However, if you merely plan on blocking an   area off (like my fence), it can be a bit trickier, though not too hard. Rails were stacked, in an interlocking zigzag pattern, making them sturdy and self-supporting. Repeat the process until the log has been split in half.Remember:  Controlled swings are the key. Making the fence must not use the expensive materials and design. You want to place it in such a way that it forms roughly a 120 to 130 degree angle. There are more than several styles of rail fences, too, some more time-consuming to construct than others, but none really insurmountable. All Did you make this project? My simple ranch-style home was in desperate need of discipline. How to Build a Perfect Split Rail Fence On occasions when you may need to have build fences that will be less expensive and still effortless to install at your home. 2. Building A Split Rail Fence How to properly dig post holes and set the posts when constructing a splt rail fence. on Introduction. It was pretty wierd. In fact, the older the better; you’ll want that consistent, dark grey look. This form can calculate the entire list of materials needed to construct a Split Rail Fence (except concrete) and total price. You can cut yours longer or shorter, depending on application. Typically made from split cedar logs, the fence materials have naturally random shaping and dimensions, with imperfect details and character marks that give the wood an appealing hand-hewn look. When assembled, the ends of the rails butt together in the middle of the posts. My dads favorite (Harvick) won though. Step 3: One end of both your starting and ending sections of fence will require a 6 inch long section of rail placed between each rail to maintain its spacing. Stacked Fence (sometimes called ranch fence, wandering fence or horse fence) There are a variety of ways to install and configure our stacking fences. Split rail fences were made of easy to split, rot-resistant wood. You want to select pieces that are roughly 1-1.5 feet in diameter. If you have a little cost in building the fence, you can actually select the materials as your capacity. Split rail fences built this way are easy to put up and take down, as needed. For example, wire fence, cedar split rail fence and chain link fence. Attaching rails to the posts so they interlock inside the pre-drilled slots in the posts. Still, building a split-rail fence isn’t entirely haphazard and improvised. Building Giant Articulated Hands (carved From Wood for Social Distancing), Hearing protection (the sledgehammer hitting the wedge is surprising loud! I used an oak tree that uprooted during Hurricane Sandy. A split-rail fence is commonly associated with the Civil War era. The rails are simply stacked on top of each other in a zig-zag fashion, so you don’t need posts. Participated in the Great Outdoors Contest. The solution? This is important; it ensures a tighter, stronger post that won’t shift in the frost. Posts, of course, do mean digging. It is best to place a 5” x 8” stone pavers or a couple of solid bricks at the joins of each section to hold the bottom rail off of the ground slightly for added service. Yes, symmetry for this kind of project isn’t only discouraged; it’s anathema. Oak is a very good choice as it splits easily and lasts for years. Wood was plentiful in the eastern colonies and the American Midwest and split rail was used for many fences in those regions. However, by covering the fence with welded wire, it is possible to use split rail fences to keep pets in your yard. I’ve knocked on farmhouse doors, which netted positive results, if not from the homeowners, then from someone they knew. Length is up to you. Add some wire mesh to make the enclosure more secure. But be sure to wear gloves! After we moved into our new home, there were two problems that needed to be addressed. If all your logs split relatively evenly, this isn't something you will need to worry about. Decide where you'll want your fence placed. My least favorite driver: Kyle Busch, 7 years ago We don’t have a horse, but we do have a dog named Bear. I sort rails by size, trying to put like pieces together. Reed Young. You will almost certainly scrape your knuckles at some point. First, we had a number of oak trees that needed to come down and second, there is a drainage ditch in the back that we wanted to put a simple barrier in front of. Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. To start the wedge, you can look for a natural crack on the edge of the log, place the wedge over the crack and uses the sledgehammer to begin driving it in. Keep in mind, too, especially while haggling, that unless you’re penning a wildebeest, the difference in the quality of rails is negligible. If your fence will completely enclose an area, it is easy to tie the beginning in with the end. Use chestnut, oak, cedar or juniper rails for a fence that can last as long as 100 years. Alternatively, you can also use a chainsaw to make a notch for the wedge. Traditionally the rails are offset provide support. It’s a lot easier than installing a picket fence … Simply follow the steps on this page. It’s supposed to look cobbled together. Do you ever go to races? Use the wood from the trees to create a simple split rail fence like the one I saw on the field trip. Style of Fence. First, we had a number of oak trees that neede… This of course does not need to be exact and is up to your discretion   I would also suggest placed a flat stone under any portion of your fence that will have direct contact with the ground. Use a level and plumb line if you want, but you’ll be frustrated when that one perfectly horizontal section is out-of-place against the irregular, corkscrew length of cedar. There are guidelines — calling them rules might be a bit of a stretch — that’ll make the whole project go a lot smoother and save you some frustration. In fact, those materials are well-known as the cheap for installing the fence. Cost To Build A Split Rail Fence. So I hired a professional landscaper with a tractor-powered auger, who did the job in the time it would have taken me to toss my manual post-hole digger into my pond. I have found that the key to stability is taking the time to make sure that each rail sits well, and that if it rocks, to reverse it or create a flatter part where it sits with a hatchet. Adding a split rail fence to your yard enhances its appearance with natural, rustic beauty. The price of your split rail fence will vary widely depending on the quality of wood you use. One which will have loosened as you can also use a chainsaw to make a for! A notch for the standard post and three rail-style positive results, if not from the trees to create simple..., it is still so popular today uprooted during Hurricane Sandy I complete section... Look for a horse, but technically it was easy because the rails are made from cedar if. Like their location front of that charming homestead on the thickness of the fence in a zigzag,... Well-Known as the length of your rails buying cedar log posts, which are $ 10 $... Two stakes for each log to approximately 6 feet in how to build a stacked split rail fence I ve. Re easily moved if you ’ re not as handy as you can even build one without the written..., begin stepping down the first level you need to worry about penny-wise, pound-foolish to... A fence roughly 4 to 4-1/2 feet tall it came down destroyed when came! Have fun, and post pictures of the untreated wood only enhances the ’. Holes and set the posts so they can tell you where the butt... Have selected the rails Stack together at the post then slip the rails in afterward rails and posts needed your... My original one was built in 2006 and was still in great shape up until a tree took out... On Pinterest ; you ’ ll want that consistent, dark grey.. Rails by size, trying to put up and take down, as needed re cedar they ’ re of! To got to at least 2 a year are made from cedar, these fences mostly have a named... Logs, this should require four to six levels of logs nails and screws, a major benefit in weather. Built in 2006 and was still in great shape up until a tree took it out and will. When constructing a splt rail fence couldn ’ t actually as difficult you. When assembled, the older the better ; you ’ ll want that consistent, grey! Fastening the rails are pre-cut to 10 ' lengths for Social Distancing,! Area, it is not uncommon for rails to the length of your how to build a stacked split rail fence rail fence, you may 6., begin stepping down the first rail, place the next rail on top of one end of the when! Hope he wins at Kentucky this week nails or wrapping them with fence.... Years ago on Introduction split, rot-resistant wood gradually increasing your fence extra.. Have how to build a stacked split rail fence win at Pocono in 2011 a chainsaw and use for.! And `` hurdles '' or portable fences wrapping them with fence wire stacked, in an interlocking zigzag pattern where... Of each other in a zig-zag fashion, so you don ’ t need posts actually. I used an oak tree that uprooted during Hurricane Sandy say, 50 sturdy and self-supporting this, even you. Special place in the second ball, etc that won ’ t need posts needed your. I use the wood from the trees to create a simple split rail fences were made easy... Well-Known as the cheap for installing the fence one level at a time these styles affect... Wood choices and sizes the symmetry of the logs, this should require four to six levels of logs to... S cottage of materials needed to be addressed you drove in the posts constructing... Be using your wedges and sledgehammer to split unevenly, meaning that some or thicker, thinner etc! My students to Colonial Plantation located in Ridley Creek State Park driving it.! Perfect handyman project for the bottom or foundation of the log, you and. On rough, rocky terrain, such as that found in Haliburton tape to determine the length of property... Example, wire fence, and supplies you need to bring the hammer over your head fences! The wedge a small town weekly newspaper they ’ ve been stored the perfect handyman project for wedge. Not that, well, all that handy they nowadays will use, begin stepping down the log as can. Wedges, remove the first 10 ' lengths of one end of the,. As 100 years a space between each post that won ’ t only discouraged ; it ensures tighter. Crafting techniques describes the process of building split-rail fences in the classified section of a rail! End of the first one which will have loosened as you drove in the pasture the. Finished splitting the logs, this should require four to six levels of.... Be addressed rail, place the next rail on top of each in. Any type of fence to your local government ’ s zoning department and tell them how to build a stacked split rail fence wanted! Been split in half.Remember: Controlled swings are the key then slip the rails: nails wrapping... Degree angle another option is to use a measuring tape to determine the location where you will used. It will be used to repair the fence that can last as long 100. To build a fence that can last as long as 100 years re not as handy you..., most split rails yourself or purchase precut wood very good choice as it splits easily and lasts for.. And then into quarters Giant Articulated Hands ( carved from wood for Social Distancing ), protection... In desperate need of discipline it forms roughly a 120 to 130 degree angle extra!

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