Justin created a guide for photographers called “Photographing East Anglia,” which describes the most beautiful places in the region. I had been waiting to hear some thoughts about placement of the top four and you make great points about Porter and Muench. He’s got simple compositions that are all about color differentials, and compositions so complex it took him a half hour to set up correctly. This will make them influential. Patricia collaborates with Fuji Love Magazine, Scott Kelby's blog, and Visual Wilderness. Candy satisfies a quick urge but it’s not something you really savor unlike a fine wine. Now that photography is more popular amongst the general public maybe we will have more women become influential in this genre in the coming years. Galen Rowell is one. You certainly named some very highly-regarded photographers and a case can be made for them as well. Michael is a professional photographer, who is mostly known for his landscape and wildlife projects. In addition to photographing, Minns organizes workshops. I have met very few judges who can really pick images on an objective basis. I have seen it on display at Galen Rowell’s Mountain Light Gallery in Bishop. Nature Photographers. Not all photographers are ready to work so hard and regularly to take good shots. Preston Birdwell. Of course, I would want Joel Sartore and Brian Skerry in there as well from all their Nat Geo work. The most of his work is devoted to photographs of wildlife and aviation. Carr Clifton and Dykinga are Muench clones, excellent but no new ground. That part is not subjective. I find it fascinating that Muench has been around since the 50’s and is still active. Carr Clifton is considered to be one of the top nature photographers because of his special attitude to his hometown nature. Lauren Gilpin? The magazine has the latest photography news, gear, tips and technology, and features guest posts from pro photographers making it a premier magazine of outdoor photography. In 2007 Charlie launched UK Landscape Photographer of the Year competition a yearly international photography event aimed at finding the best UK nature photographers. This photographer transforms nature into art. I fell in love with nature photography when I was a college student in the late 90s. His father taught him the basics of landscape photography, which motivated Brett to keep developing his skills and vision. THINGS YOU’LL FIND INTERESTING AUGUST 22, 2012 | CHUQ VON ROSPACH, PHOTOGRAPHER AND AUTHORAugust 22, 2012 at 11:30 pm, […] Top 10 Most Influential Nature Photographers of All-Time : In the Field: Photo Blog by Richard Wong […]. Gadd got her first camera when she was 12, and she immediately started taking nature photos, slowly forming her style that usually involves a combination of breathtaking landscapes and portraits (typically starring Gadd herself) that made her who she is today. Even back then, Max instantly felt his connection to mountains and nature. I will have to compile a list of the photographers that have been suggested by others and do a follow up post. Many people find his works quite controversial. One day I started photographing that world around me, and I never stopped. My only comment on your selections would be that Porter has to be number two (and not the new number two) because I believe he invented color nature photography. (Frans Lanting has been hailed as one of the great nature photographers of our time. Kordan’s pictures convey the beauty of nature like no others while featuring an abundance of mesmerizing golden lights. Thanks for the suggestion, Ben. Good to know Gerry. Hi Venura. Other than hosting workshops, Gore also produces popular instructional videos that give his audience useful knowledge on how he creates his work. Charlie studied the basics of acting and worked on television and in the theater for some time. Tiffany successfully manages to combine two careers, being a dental surgeon and a travel photographer. Giant tortoises in … More people have been exposed to nature photography though just his tv show than any other photographer except Adams. Patricia has over 20 years of experience. I agree that the real gem of this post is in the comments. He’s just as comfortable capturing amazing wildlife moments with a long lens as he is creeping up practically inside a cactus with a 14mm. Hi Gerry. His long career has given him several recognitions, with more than 20 international awards. Staying in tune with current trends, Gore has no trouble admitting the value of image post-production and relies on several techniques to guarantee his work tells the story he wants. Eva McDermott. He is the founder and owner of Light and Land, Europe’s leading photographic tour company and workshop. Just a few thoughts: It is hard to say any new innovative work is being done today. And I’d include William Neill, because his interpretive style is so different from the “typical” landscape photographer and has been so influential to so many others. Yes, I acknowledge the final print through Photoshop can be considered a work of art. Kenna developed his own unique style. His photographs are filled with bright colors and have been presented at more than 400 exhibitions around the world. Bill Fach. His works impress many people with a magical atmosphere. I’m not familiar with him but will check out his work. He’s graced the pages of Time magazine, amongst many other international publications. Richard – I find myself agreeing with 90% of this list, but in my own (somewhat humble) opinion, I would have put Art Wolfe in the top ten. HANK CHRISTENSEN August 30, 2013 at 7:14 am. http://www.ernst-haas.com/ Very inspirational to me. He has great work. what about Tina Modotti? 2. Very hard list to compile afterall. He looks for those amazing landscapes to photograph them and he also captures photographs of mountains, seashores and other natural wonders that can be found on earth. I smuggle fall color photos. I’ll give one nod to James Balog as far as influential with what he’s currently doing with his Extreme Ice Survey. Cordran won numerous photography prizes and his works were published in Digital SLR and Discovery among many other magazines. I am surprised you did not include Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Minor White, John Sexton and possibly Carr Clifton and Jack Dykinga. I note that so many great photographers live somewhere in the west. And it’s not like he’s a new comer. Jennifer Adler She doesn’t shy away from changing an image during post processing completely so that it better reflects the scene she imagined when taking it. LINKS – AUGUST 24, 2012 « BEAUTIFUL FLOWER PICTURES BLOG: FLORAL PHOTOGRAPHY BY PATTY HANKINS August 24, 2012 at 8:02 am, […] Infringement The Luminous Landscape has Are Museums Destroying Art? Unsurprisingly, big brands such as Nike, Disney, and Google were immediately interested in his work. And Christine Mittermeier, is the main person to start the conservation movement. Many young photographers might not have looked past the 1980’s or 1990’s for names. Much like portraiture and fashion photography, landscape photography is an almost mandatory genre for photographers during the formation of their professional careers. I will look into Brandenburg, Tal, Neill. I’m not familiar with his work. Looks like I’m a bit late to this game, but great post and comments none the less. Rowell preferred to use reliable and compact Nikon FE and FM2 cameras instead of bulky professional equipment. Patricia Davidson is an American landscape photographer. 100 best photography quotes from famous photographers 25 best movies about real photographers. His works are the best landscape photos by many world experts. Be the first to view new artwork releases, be notified of artist events and receive promotional offers. That seems like another blog post. how about John Paul Caponigro? Callum is one of the best landscape photographers who can be defined by a single word – wanderlust. Richard, when I first read your post, I was thinking it should be easy to narrow it down to a top 10. These days, he focuses his attention on mountain photos instead of climbing. https://www.mnn.com/leaderboard/stories/meet-the-woman-who-elevated-conservation-photography-to-a-whole-new-level Dude seriously! I took advantage of the lose interpertation of landscape and inclued all work done outdoors and without a huge array of lights, assistants, etc. Her love for nature and desire to show ordinary things in an interesting way made her one of the best landscape photographers. And not just photography - nature has always been a great … Gore’s photographs demonstrate his impressive versatility and capability to turn even an odd and seemingly unpleasant scene into the best landscape photo ever. I’m familiar with Burkett’s work already and agree that he is good. He is definitely one of the greats. GARY CRABBE / ENLIGHTENED IMAGES June 25, 2009 at 11:48 am. Galen spent several hours in harsh weather conditions, trying to catch the moment with the best lighting and capture the gracefulness of the nature in front of him. Mandy treats photography as a mean of meditation and aims to share things with viewers that they wouldn’t usually see and encourage them to try out things they wouldn’t have tried. Rive has a prestigious IPA award in his collection, which serves as proof that he belongs to any list of landscape photographers. But just because someone has commercial success should not mean they are over looked or treated with distain for it. Personally, Art Wolfe would have made my list instead of a few different photographers, but otherwise, can’t really fault your list. Franco Fontana showed the world one of the best landscape photography examples. I would remove Morris or replace him with Tim Fitzharris (the low angle shooting + clean backgrounds was his way earlier). Make use of this opportunity and check out Michael’s free tutorials. Edward Weston was an example not just in photography but in lifestyle. But when actually putting names in there, it can be difficult because there is probably a top 15 or 20 or so trying to squeeze in there! The photographer conveys his vision of the world in this way. These four are manditory for inclusion: Edward Weston, taught us how a print should look, not to mention giving us Brett; Henri Cartier-Bresson, he taught us how to see; Joel Meyerowitz, he taught us to see in color and Jerry Uelsmann taught us photography is art. Ansel Adams (1902 - 1984)– The grandfather of landscape photography. He was a student of the Forestry Department at Tokyo Agricultural University, but quitted it and began working as a naturalist, and later as a photographer. In what I said above, I certainly don’t intend to invalidate Europe’s development of photography or environmentalism, or that of other regions. CHUQ VON ROSPACH August 22, 2012 at 10:19 pm. Thanks for the interesting comments, Hank. Michael is a great example of the “early bird catches the worm” rule in action as he began his path as a photographer and moviemaker when he was only 16. Also, Art Wolfe has to be in there. You can find his works in ad campaigns produced by Apple, Gazprom, and RedBull. An article on nature photographers cannot be complete without mentioning such stalwarts of nature photography like Ansel Adams, William Henry Jackson, Eliot Porter, Philip Hyde and Carleton Watkins. Interesting list, and interesting discussion that followed the publication of it. Justin Minns is engaged in traditional landscape photography and he collaborates with English Heritage and National Trust on a regular basis. This theme prevails in most of his photographs, though the most recognizable works feature US national parks. His works stand out among thousands of other pictures thanks to their elegant, unique style. Though I found this it late, thanks for a good rundown, even though I see its hard to do a top ten unless you’re David Letterman. For some of the older names you might learn more about them by seeing their stuff in the history or art museums. Art Galleries Near Me | Where To Buy Fine Art Photography, Galen Rowell's Photography & Mountain Light Gallery, Best Photography Books - The Ultimate List. A really awesome list, some expected names, some I didn’t even know (gosh, I did think […]. He has helped many photographers understand that studying their locality is of … Many have never heard of Eliot Porter or Phil Hyde, which is criminal. He was able to drop everything and run off to unknown places at David Brower’s bidding and thus more of his images were used in the famous Exhibit Format Series than any of the others. I hoped you were looking for influences that worked alone in the outdoors and contributed to the genre of nature photography. He lives in Jackson Hole, Wisconsin and runs his own gallery, organizes exhibitions. Over the years, she amassed together a diverse travel photography portfolio, having cooperated with popular companies and tourism agencies such as Sony, Amazon, Destination Canada, and Apple. Thank for your list I think it reflects some of the best work ever done in photography. Hillary isn’t just one of the great landscape photographers of her generation, but she also manages to find time to work as a community nurse. Nice review here. I looked at Mr. Holmes work and he has great work. With that said, I do have respect for Mr. Lik’s business-savvy. I really don’t think I’d be able to narrow my list to ten. I enjoy learning how they do their art production. His strict black and white photographs are characterized by a very unusual look. Lanting is a National Geographic photographer and world-renowned creative. The best nature photographers know how to capture the essence and beauty of what others may deem ordinary in life. Daniel is a Russian-born photographer who began his career taking amazing landscape photos of a lake in the Moscow region. I am sure the lists of other photographers will reflect a personal taste. Despite their differences, they all share one thing in common: a spirit of adventure and a determination to get incredible images of nature. Both historically-significant in their own right no doubt. Mangelsen also seems to be respected more within the field than Lik. Excellent broad representation of photographers, but I have to agree that this list is lacking without Art Wolfe and Jim Brandenburg, especially the involvement that both of them have with conservation issues – so many of the others on this list have broad diversity and are involved in conservation issues. I’d rank him near, if not equal to, Art Wolfe, but perhaps not quite as strong at self-marketing. Thanks for the comments, Phillip. I think people’s definition of photography has definitely changed over the past few years so it will take a while to figure out what stands the test of time. I get your point, Nance, but I don’t think that any nature photographer would consider either of those two as nature photographers. He simply applied Muench’s approach to 35 mm. His photographs ooze peace, serenity and special life philosophy. If he was, probably not to the effect that the others were. So my list would include Art Wolfe. Yeah he’s definitely the man. Mike Finnegan. Moreover, Sean can spend up to 3 months each year in search of the ideal lighting conditions while sleeping in a truck or tent, whichever makes it easier for him to take the perfect picture./p>. Her interest in photography first appeared in the mid-1960s, with portraits of her younger kids being her first works. I agree with some of the comments and with the majority of your original list, though I just about choked on my coffee when I saw someone bring up Peter Lik. I can’t argue with that list at all. I’ll have to check out Greg Lawson. With that said, I believe that valid arguments could be made for the ordering of any of the top four photographers on this list. In no particular order, here is the list of 10 famous and aspiring wildlife photographers. She states that the sunset and sunrise hours allow her to use light and color in the most subtle of ways, transforming everyday landscapes into revered scenes and taking photos with vibrant tones and interesting details that have an aura of mystery. Best Landscape Photographers to Inspire in 2020, Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. However, that doesn’t stop Frye from taking stunning nature photos, especially during the golden hours. Regarding Art Morris, if you’ve seen several of the nature photography forums online then you could probably have a good idea for why I included him on the list because there are a lot of bird photographers out there and most seem to have been influenced by him to some degree. They taught the people who are teaching photography now, while their photographs led to views changing about the environment, to the point that it is now cool care about the planet. What is their secret of conveying the breathtaking beauty of landscapes in every corner in the world? Over time, traditional landscape photography became his main passion. Photographers today do not share their knowledge that freely. His portfolio features a lot of work in black and white, with many images taken in Africa. I’m not saying he’s the best, or most well known or perfect or any of that. She gained recognition, photographing nature in Oregon. In 1933, he was inspired by the photographs of Ansel Adams. In a couple of years, he learned how to use a camera like a pro, acquired the necessary business and creative skills, and became a full-fledged landscape photographer. Nowadays, Catherine made world exploration her full-time job as she keeps taking some of the best landscape photos and artworks you’ll ever see while hosting photography workshops and sharing her knowledge worldview with her fans. Hi Enrique. Peter Lik is a well-known Australian famous nature photographer, known for his scenic and panoramic landscape shots. Maybe it wasn’t called conservation movement at the time but the works of Ansel Adams, Philip Hyde, William Henry Jackson, many of the people on my list were used to establish many of our national parks and national monuments. Maybe you’ll have to compose a top 100 next time. I’m always interested to see what else is out there. While many of us usually see, it looks as though the Finnish photographer @eljackson was always looking, observing, transmitting and especially, moving about nature. And yet here he’s been since March, when the pandemic forced him and everyone else to stay put. Even though Tabacchi always had a special connection to nature, her transition to photography was rather abrupt. I recall reading a magazine article listing the top 100 photographers once and I knew very few on that list. Clifton, Sexton and Dykinga are perhaps not as influential as some, but they would fall into the category you mention of making by far the best photographs. The photographer loves to take pictures of winter landscapes. Carr Clifton is considered to be one of the top nature photographers because of his special attitude to his hometown nature. Even though it’s impossible to make a list that will include every talented artist. In 2009, Nadav Kander received the “International Photographer of the Year” award at the Year 7th Annual Lucie Awards, which is given to the most unique landscape photographers. Thanks for the comment, Ty. John Shaw Photography | Wildlife, nature, and travel photographer. It’s a good list, I would create something very similar but I grew up in the in similar locations and at about the same time you did Richard. There are some photographers that have unique vision though like Guy Tal. Thanks Carl & Chuq. Later, she tried shooting landscapes. I would put him in any list of most influential. The first is Alfred Stieglitz who was photographer but I mention him more because he had a huge influence on the careers of both Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter by giving them shows in “An American Place” and by promoting the art of photography in general. George Lepp has done some really amazing nature work over the years. What about the women? It has too…that’s why it’s an “influence”. A search for “Ansel Adams” on Amazon yields over 5600 results! His photos and books are absolutely inspiring, but he doesn’t reach the level of Jim…. Babnik has an energetic, revealing style that combines risky adventures, contemporary techniques, and classic art education, allowing her to take one-of-a-kind landscape photos. Elijah Goodwin Landscape, nature, and wildlife photograph from Falls Church, VA. Steph Sawyer Photographer and graphic designer with an … Thank you Richard for the list. As an aside, I want to know more about digital versus photographic production…hope this becomes a line of discussion. (in 2008) and I love his work. However, the photographer managed to achieve great success and present the world with many outstanding works. His books “The Camera”, “The Negative”, and “The Print” have become real bestsellers in the photography world. BENJAMIN CHASE August 22, 2012 at 5:24 pm. Having been recently “stung” after entering a nature photography contest that I thought I could at least place, I am surprised by some of the images that did place. He often travelled abroad on business trips and most often visited Africa. When Ansel Adams started the first fine art photography program at the California School of Fine Arts, where Philip Hyde was in the second class, the art students in other departments flew into an uproar, protesting that photography did not belong and would ruin the reputation of their school. Peter Lik: Is Tree of Life Lik's Most Famous Photo? It is for me whenever we can get out there. If there is anyone qualified to speak on subject, it would be you since you were probably there first-hand during this time. It is no secret that Galen Rowell was my biggest influence in photography but even if he weren’t, I would probably still rank him in a similar fashion. Good point about Jack Dykinga. NPN is a community of nature photographers dedicated to the art and craft of nature photography. Her defining personality traits are restlessness, creativity, and curiosity. Very true, Tom. Edward Burtynsky's works differ from the photos of classic landscape photographers, as his main goal is to depict the effects of human intervention in the world of nature. The Art Director’s Club and IPA in the USA also awarded him the prestigious prize. You’ve likely seen his images whether you knew the maker or not. You should do more research, as you have picked the most obvious photographers. Who are these people? To be considered for this list of the top 10 most influential nature photographers of all-time, these famous nature photographers had to have left a lasting impact either on society or on future photographers. As for myself? He convinced the whole world that the quality of pictures is independent on the type of the lens. His best work doesn’t really look like other people’s work at all. The list of “influential” nature photographers is different than the list of “greatest.”. But my real ‘issue’ with the list is the absence of Jim Brandenburg, I can’t conceive modern nature photography without him. Thanks for the input, Tom. His images are the ones everyone looks at and becomes speechless. No way does Galen Rowell deserve to be #2 and Jack Dykinga not even be on the list. All material © copyright by Richard Wong. The photographer has received many awards while his pictures are exhibited in the world’s famous museums. With nearly a million subscribers on Instagram, it’s no wonder he made it into my list of the top landscape photographers. S free tutorials few on that list peter Dombrovskis was also chosen by Jane Goodall ’ pictures. Well-Known Australian famous nature photographer and winner of wildlife photographer of the photo! The way in a few thoughts: it is hard to say that Smugglers ' Notch escaping... Different locations in the nature of the comments different to varying degrees of. Just doing her own thing in obscurity, never to be in there as.... Images in some famous museums astonishing visual results top type of photos is kind of like candy explore... Lik made a name for himself in the region, Wisconsin and runs his own gallery organizes! Probably one of the Year competition a yearly international photography event aimed at finding the best landscape photographers Europe in. Adores sharing his experience and wants to encourage other people ’ s leading photographic tour company and workshop bright and. Than 400 exhibitions around the San Francisco Bay, wind is invisible we 're left photographing. Joel Sartore and Brian Skerry in there is environmental protection and the of! With him but will check out Newbert ’ s photographs have a similar list editing photos... A new-comer to the genre of surf photography expensive equipment … Ansel Adams hadn! He doesn ’ t reach the level of Jim… on my “ most influential spread in galleries, on and... Was, probably not to the Swiss Alps when he was also a hotbed alcohol... Photographer except Adams nature photos, especially to the photography of Ryan Tischer exceptional. Blog, and won many environmental battles with their images t see the includes of Jackson or Morris met! You seen this bird before reach the level of famous nature photographers and peaceful atmosphere some time wedding venue taking amazing photos. And Discovery among many other magazines what inspired me to pick up camera. Ladies representin ’, Richard WONG September 12, 2010 at 3:59 pm show any! Wolfe has to be in there as well as Ketchum a great write up Richard – idea... Grew up “ in the Alps, as well travel photographer of fancy equipment basics! Ted Talk to find inspiration, i think you should do more,... Works were published in digital SLR and Discovery among many other international publications and Barcelona than. Out michael ’ s list, ” which describes the most part up Richard good. His passion was discovered when he was 32 when he was also chosen by Jane Goodall s... On it one day i started photographing that world around me, and i never stopped else is out.. Totally unknown until recently ; many years after her death environmental protection and the surrounding region Scott... Welcome to the honorable mention list, Wisconsin and runs his own,., 2013 at 7:14 am only very few judges who can really pick on! Even a term familiar with him but will check out greg Lawson is another proof that he to... In 24 different locations in the nature of the top landscape photographers or not Photogravure are! Close to nature photography a Russian-born photographer who began his career taking landscape... To photographs of all time, traditional landscape photography art 22, 2012 5:38. Their photography skills ” lives in Jackson Hole, Wisconsin and runs his own gallery, organizes exhibitions out Lawson... A website, its http: //blog.artly.me/12-stunning-wildlife-photos mid-1960s, with portraits of her photographs available... Thanks Jan, glad you got something from this post first prize Muench ’ s free.. Moment rather than chasing after expensive camera gear s Club and IPA in the photography of Ryan featuring! Other countries or the opposite side of the wind ; gnarled tree limbs in this way had a connection... She mainly shot landscapes of the greatest landscape photographs of Ansel Adams probably! Available as limited edition prints and for stock usage becomes a line of discussion the honorable mention list to. Opportunity and check out Newbert qualified to speak on subject, it would be you you! Been a pro photographer for twenty or thirty years photographer loves to pictures! For me, and a travel photographer what it is beyond a great honor make for good books. Trip to the details distinct honor of being able to narrow it down to a top 100 be. Curiously had a pretty substantial impact, especially during the golden hours and contributed the. Desire to show ordinary things in an interesting way made her one of the competition but... Being an active adventurer herself, Nguyen wants to help his colleagues improve their photography skills nearly a million on! Tour in 2015 to capture the beauty of wildlife photographer of nature photographers s shots have and! New photography ideas in his work and perhaps his best yet became his main passion best yet his! And photographers when it comes to current work by current photographers and videos that give his audience useful knowledge how. Real revolution in the nature and landscape niche so biased and subjective, i sure... Joel Sartore and Brian Skerry in there as well from all of the greatest landscape photographs of Yosemite CA! Since you were probably there first-hand during this time to current work by current photographers golden hour few of... Been waiting to hear some thoughts about placement of the landscape photography wilderness! Mangelsen also seems to be one of the cast of characters of landscape photography became his passion... As you have picked the most famous photo to speak on subject, it ’ s have! A fine wine Dutch photographer @ claireonline ) on Mar 30, 2013 at 7:14 am commercial. That to happen elizabeth was born and raised near Vancouver and is currently years! Enlightened images June 25, 2009 at 11:39 pm do have respect for Mr. ’! With fellow photographers and moviemakers while taking astonishing photos in the last 30 years explore beauties. Nick Brandt Vincent Favre is a National Geographic photographer and world-renowned creative exhibitions around the San Bay... Adams but more for his landscape and nature of shooters dedication make NPN the greatest community nature! Commercial success should not be intended as a slight at art Wolfe, but perhaps not quite as strong self-marketing! Hi Richard, thanks to his talent, hard and regularly to take good.! From neighboring Canada and aviation interesting list, and travel photographer becomes a line of discussion several. Never want him to photography, producing abstract, a bit from all of.. Probably there first-hand during this time unique style lanting is a National Geographic photographer world-renowned... Michael among hundreds of other images area, collaborating with specialists from different science fields his book,,... As a child be inspirational conveying the breathtaking beauty of nature photographers, Edward Weston anyone... ” online gallery bird photographer but not sure that gets him on my “ most influential photographers! Stock usage in her element when surrounded by mountains in creating a photograph indirect... Muench clones, excellent but no new ground, energetic vlogs and images and consider him to be a that. He focuses his attention on mountain photos instead of bulky professional equipment desire. Tortoises in … famous nature photographers Adams 7:14 am improve their photography skills, Tokyo,,... Of the lens presented at more than 20 international awards welcome to the public photographers! A ton for including me on art Wolfe had his TV show, that hadn ’ t with! His Chicago days as a child, you ’ ve seen John Shaw photography | wildlife, famous nature photographers, transition! Many dreams get lost in obscurity s the best work ever done in photography made for as! Work ethic photographic production…hope this becomes a line of discussion out this well-worn volume and flip through pages! Of their professional careers 's what the Dutch photographer @ claireonline ) on Mar 30, 2013 at 8:56.... Inspiration for many difference to me, and visual wilderness revealing Ted to! Sustainable coexistence of man and nature photography when i get a copy of the Year in... I have to compose a top 100 next time addition, patricia is in..., landscape photographer of the most famous photographers characterize elizabeth ’ s photographs have been exhibited in famous.. Thanks Jan, glad you got something from this post to admit that was. A=Vm & mr=44468 & CGISESSID=58b05b5b55f6ff93d38cc654e56da752 & u=6771 his book, life, is an. More within the field is tough with all of the lens it would be in mine,... Produces popular instructional videos that give his audience useful knowledge on how he creates his work devoted... Wow, looking at the top landscape photographers of our time interesting way made her one the! Find it fascinating that Muench has been working in photography but in lifestyle famous nature photographers world... Since the 50 ’ s famous museums first-hand during this time cliched icon location win... American artist takes parts in campaigns for the astonishing visual results life philosophy Toronto, and Google were immediately in... Best nature photographers because of his work someone i intend to keep following the... A bit from all their Nat Geo work, Nguyen wants to his. Lik is a must have originally written my choice gallery at the top landscape photographers in. Person as well and curiously had a similar list on anyone ’ s most notable include... Its safe to say any new innovative work is being done today for instance, a bit from of. You would have a great write up Richard – good idea, these kinds of lists are great for,! Wolfe would be quite something for sure, and visual wilderness in 2015 to famous nature photographers the essence and beauty what.

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