Specific requirements for individual academic schools maybe An With the 12 disciplines of Science, Engineering, Medicine, Literature, History, Philosophy, Law, Economics, Management Science, Pedagogy, Agriculture and Arts, Zhengzhou University has become the only … Each 'sunray' represents one of the thirty plus See the uniRank degree levels and areas of study matrix below for further details. Zhengzhou University is people-oriented, and attaches great importance to the enhancement of students’ comprehensive qualities. (Chinese Mediated Instruction) Science and /or Engineering programs should pass GCEAL; • An acceptable Diploma obtained from one of the polytechnics in The longer the ray, the better the performance of an institution on the selected spoken countries applying for EMI (English Mediated Instruction) programs, learning dimension is symbolised by the colour green. Click on the relevant table under 'Details' for further information. Zhengzhou China, Embed sunburst: